Town of Hartly Ordinances:

Ordinance # Ordinance Title Brief Description Link to Full Ordinance text Enacted Date
10-03-2016-001 An Ordinance Establishing Building and General Construction, Alteration, and Demolition Procedures, Permits, and Fees This ordinance describes the situations in which a permit for construction or demolition is required to be applied for and issued by the Town, and identifies the associated fees. #10-03-2016-001 April 14, 2016
14-04-2016-002 Ordinance Regulating Property Maintenance in the Town of Hartly Regarding Grass, Weeds, Trees, and Plant Growth This ordinance describes Property requirements in regards to grass cutting, Tree and other Plant overgrowth and the fees associated with failure to comply to the ordinance. #14-04-2016-002 April 14, 2016

Additional Information regarding Town Ordinances:

Inquiries regarding Town Ordinances may be presented for discussion at the Town of Hartly public meetings. The Public meeting schedule is posted under the website heading Government, Meetings & Events. Town of Hartly meetings are held at the Hartly Volunteer Fire Company, 2898 Arthursville Road, Hartly DE 19953. Meetings begin at 7:00PM unless otherwise noted in the Meeting Notice. Additional meetings may be scheduled throughout the year as needed

Inquires may also be addressed by contacting Town of Hartly by phone at 302-922-2814; or via email to townofhartly@gmail.com; or by mail sent to P.O. Box 181, Hartly, DE 19953.