Hartly History

It’s difficult to find history on the town of Hartly… unless you can get your hands on a wonderful booklet titled “The 250th Anniversary of The Town of Hartly 1734 – 1984”!  Alice McFarland and Nancy A. Powell obviously put a wealth of time, effort, and loving care into the creation of this booklet for the anniversary.  View a copy of the booklet here.



The History of Hartly is dedicated to all of the area residents and all of the descendants of the first settlers.

It has taken two hundred and fifty years of living and dying to bring this community to this day, September 21, 1984.  We have been as much as the melting pot of gold for we are made up of descendants of many countries.  The English, the swedes, the Dutch, the Germans, the Italians, and the French were the first to touch our shores.

We have been a part of the State of Virginia under the Virginia Company, Maryland under Cecilius Calvert, Baron of Baltimore, Pennsylvania under the rule of William Penn, and the State of Delaware.

It is great to know that we have survived and had many men and women who have served our community both in War and Peace.

We have sent forth from our small schools doctors, lawyers, teachers, farmers, carpenters, business men and women, and just plain people who make p a small part of this great state.  Our small Churches have given us spiritual guidance.

This is only a small part of the history of this aarea and its people, presented by Alice McFarland and Nancy A. Powell, direct descendants of the first settlers to this area in the early 1700’s.

Our thanks go to Mrs. W. H. Powell for the use of the “Powell Papers” and to all of the people who have helped with stories and pictures on the history of Hartly.