Town of Hartly Commissioners Take the Oath of Office!

Date Posted: Friday, April 12th, 2019

Update:  At the April Town of Hartly Public Meeting, State Representative Jeff Spiegelman administered the Oath of Office to Town of Hartly new Commissioners, Rob Graves and Megan Raughley, and to incumbent Commissioner Mark Maguire.


Update:  Notice is hereby given that there will be no municipal election held on April 27, 2019 in Hartly Delaware.  The filing deadline (March 29, 2019) for Town of Hartly Council has passed.  There were three (3) open council positions available and three (3) valid candidates have filed for the position of Town Commissioner:

Mark A. Maguire

Robert J. Graves

Megan S. Raughley


(Updated April 01, 2019, 5:30 P.M.)



2019 Town of Hartly Elections – Solicitation of Candidates (3)  (Posted February 14, 2019)

Candidates wishing to run for one of the three (3) Town of Hartly council seats that are up for election must file a Candidate Filing Form and a State of Delaware Elections Certification of Intention. The Town’s Candidate Filing Form can be downloaded from the Hartly website Elections webpage: Hartly Candidate Filing Form and will also be available at the Hartly Public Town Meeting on February 21, 2019, The State’s Certification of Intention must be completed online, printed, and mailed per the instructions on the Office of the State Election Commissioner website: State of Delaware Certification of Intention.
Candidate qualifications for Town of Hartly council seat:
• A bona fide resident of the Town of Hartly for at least one year next preceding the annual election;
• At least eighteen (18) years of age;
• Be non-delinquent in his town taxes to the extent subject to same; and
• Each of the qualifications for Town Commissioner shall be continuing qualifications to hold office and the failure of any Commissioner to have any of the qualifications required by this Section during his term of office shall create a vacancy in the office.
This form must be mailed or hand delivered to the Town of Hartly council prior to the deadline 5:00 P.M., March 22th, 2019. Include a copy of the State’s Certification of Intention form.

Hartly Public Notice – Solicitation of Candidates 2019
Update Posted: February 14, 2019